When your goal is to get your resume to the top of a recruiter’s pile, having the RAC is your advantage in getting recognized for an advanced job in regulatory. The RAC stands out from continuing education, like certificate programs, because it indicates mastery and competency. If you have more than three years of regulatory affairs experience, consider being a part of the prestigious RAC community. With an RAC, you can do more for your employer and earn more along the way.

Benefits for You:

  • Illustrates your regulatory proficiency
  • Highlights your professional and personal accomplishments in regulatory affairs
  • Encourages continuous career development through credential maintenance
  • Promotes career longevity and advancement through continued skill development
  • Secures greater earning potential (RAC holders earn an average of 11% more than those without the credential)

Benefits for Your Employer:

  • Validates your employee’s professional competence in the regulatory field
  • Promotes ongoing professional development through credential maintenance
  • Encourage development of a more productive and highly trained workforce
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