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The best part? You don’t need to decide right now whether to take the exam online or in person.

To take the exam online, complete the registration for the Summer 2020 RAC exams as you would to take the exam in person. At the beginning of July, you'll receive an invitation to schedule your exam from Scantron, at which point you may choose to take it online or in person. 

How does online testing work?

The online RAC exams will be securely administered using Scantron’s proprietary software, PASS, and monitored with Examity’s live online proctoring. With proctors all over the globe, online testing allows candidates to take the exam from their own computer and on their own schedule. Testing sessions are offered 24/7 and based on availability; the RAC program partners at Scantron and Examity do their best to accommodate all scheduling requests.

To take the RAC exam online, candidates will need a functional web camera, microphone and speakers so that they can communicate with the proctor in addition to some technical internet connection requirements.

If you are considering taking the RAC exam online, we strongly recommend you review the technical specifications and complete a basic system check by going visiting the Examity system check site:

Examity system check

Technical Specifications


Frequently Asked Questions About Taking the RAC Exam Online

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