Following are short biographies of the members of our Regulatory Focus Editorial Advisory Committee along with the reasons they joined the board. Our hope is readers will learn from these board members that they, too, can become authors of Regulatory Focus articles.

Siegfried Schmitt, chairman of the Editorial Advisory Committee, has this advice for potential authors based on lessons he has learned from writing or contributing to more than a dozen books and 40 articles in various journals:

  • There is always someone who is even more of a subject matter expert than you are-don't worry.
  • There are many who would love to read your stories-either to learn something or to confirm their understanding of the topic.
  • Always tell a story-we have grown up with stories and that is why we love reading them.
  • Keep it clear and simple-your audience probably includes non-native English speakers.
  • Write when you are in the mood.
  • Learn from your reviews by the editors-these may range from minor edits to complete rewrites; in all cases there are good reasons for these changes.

Said John Driscoll, an Editorial Advisory Committee member since 2008, "Regulatory is a role powered by knowledge and experience, linking the three enormously complex and ever-changing domains of medicine, law and business. Regulatory Focus is one of only a few venues where regulatory information can be collected, pondered, digested and ultimately presented in a manner which benefits the profession and industry as a whole. Everyone who contributes an article, no matter their level of experience, has the opportunity to share useful new information and perspectives."

Moulakshi Roychowdhury, a new member of the committee, had this to say: "Information is continuously being generated and free flowing in the regulatory world, whether through blogs, tweets or Facebook posts, akin to spokes of a wheel lacking a central hub. I recently joined the Regulatory Focus Editorial Advisory Committee because I believe Regulatory Focus can be an invaluable hub for communications regarding regulatory developments and knowledge. Having worked in regulatory advertising and labeling, advising companies on promotional compliance with FDA regulations over the years, I've learned that keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry is vital for success in our dynamic and continuously evolving field. For this reason, I began writing for Regulatory Focus , and I greatly look forward to reading fellow authors' pieces and learning from their (and your) experiences. Together, let's make all the information at our fingertips work for us and help us take the regulatory world to new heights."